Performance at the Michael’s Pub Manhattan -Tribute to Louis Jordan There were enough high points to be optimistic about the show’s future. Vocalist Haywood Gregory gave the lyrics an appropriately down and dirty sound. The band clicked into place for ‘Early in the Mornin” and pumped up the bass and drums to heighten the funk.” - Martin Johnson

— The New York Newsday

Performance at The Newport Jazz Festival Haywood Gregory is a tireless vocalist who belts out the “jump” numbers that are the basis of the Jordan repertory, and he also moves impressively into an occasional slow blues or ballad” - John S. Wilson

— The New York Times

Blues Access Haywood Gregory has great lung-power, chooses his shrieking spots carefully and is funny and enthusiastic.”

— The Distinctive Blues Magazine Issue 47- Fall 2001

Blues Review Singer Haywood Gregory, who possesses pipes several cuts above average, had a hand in two of the strongest tunes, “Hit Man” and “Data Access Blues””

— The Blues Authority - Oct 2001

Play List Reviews Haywood Gregory sings clearly & in tune, giving this a decidedly different sound that standard rock inspired blues band.”

— WVKR Blues - (Poughkeepsie, NY)

Music Review Haywood Gregory is one of those guys whose vocals chops have been honed all over space and time and who, if there was any justice, would be a household name. He has a smooth, effortless strong, vocal delivery that works quite nicely with the confident, competent instrumental backing of Blues Jumpers.”

— Music-Reviewer.com AMZ Vol. 5 No. 9